Gambrino's Cask and Barrel in a circle

We wanted a name with history and missed it by that much

There is a legendary European king of beers. And one of the legends goes like this: he tried to become a glassblower, fell in love, tried to make violins, made a deal with the devil, and ended up becoming a barrel of beer himself – this unfolds in an evidently pickled European burg.

The name of the king was Gambrinus. But how do you say that? Gam-brinn-uhss? Gam-brine-us? Gahm-brin-noose? We really had no idea.

So Anthony, our general manager, said “add an apostrophe” and suddenly! it looks Italian or Spanish and we all exclaimed in unison: “Gambrino’s it is!”

The point is we’re trying to make a neighborhood bar with neighborhood brews and skillfully-crafted drinks using the best, freshest ingredients (well, twelve-year-old scotch isn’t exactly a fresh ingredient, but you get the point).

And the most important ingredient for a neighborhood bar is you, our neighbor. So, please come down, check out our humble establishment and see for yourself if it isn’t a place to call Gambrino’s.

Moe pulling a beer animated gif

(Gambri-Moe’s was never a serious contender.)

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